Here you will find answers to your Frequently Asked Questions. If you don’t find an answer in the information below, get in touch with us using the contact form at the bottom of this page.


Why should i choose Hoxx ?
Hoxx is a VPN service that is secure, prevents tracking, unblocks sites, ensures privacy when using public Wi-Fi, hides your location, having static IP, serves content faster through caching, and bypasses governmental restrictions.
Is Hoxx free?
Hoxx offers free accounts, and for many clients, this is enough. However, Hoxx offers a premium account service that has added features.
Does Hoxx use my bandwidth or resources?
No, not at all, but several similar services do this. It is risky to give a service access to your IP address, as you would become responsible for everything the service would do while using your address. You wouldn’t have control or knowledge of what is happening. Hoxx is designed to avoid such dangerous scenarios.
Which platforms does Hoxx currently support?
We are constantly adding new platforms. Our current focus is on the browser and mobile market. Why do we not focus on other platforms, such as televisions and routers? It’s simple: if one provider were to cover all areas, it would have more development, maintenance, and support costs, and these costs would result in higher pricing. And all you really need to surf, stream, and play games is your internet browser or a mobile phone.
What is the difference between the Free and Premium accounts?
The main differences are speed, the number of countries in which we offer services, encryption, and certain features and support. Check our pricing page to compare features.
Why is Hoxx safer and faster than Tor?
There are many reasons, but simply put, the Tor network is against the law in many countries and hosts many criminals. We do not recommend using Tor.
What is the difference TorBrowser and Hoxx?
The Tor browser is designed only to surf anonymously, while Hoxx offers additional benefits. Hoxx lets you keep your favorite browser and the ability to choose the country from which you surf. Tor browser is a threat for many people, since it is a black-box. Even if there are source codes, who audits them?
Do I need to configure my system to use Hoxx?
No, all you need to do is have a valid Hoxx account and our simple-to-use software.
To what am I agreeing when I use Hoxx ?
You agree to comply with all applicable laws and regulations in connection with your use of this service. You are responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of your security credentials, activation codes, and passwords. Never share you credentials with other people, as sharing credentials with others makes you liable for the things they do while using your account.
How often may I change servers?
You may change servers an unlimited number of times.
Does Hoxx block certain ports?
Yes, we do, in order to protect you from attacks. Ports such as 25,465, which are used by spammers, are blocked. The list of blocked ports may change from time to time as we are adapt our services to protect you.
Does Hoxx block the SMTP port?
Yes, we do, in order to prevent spamming.
Do you offer an Affiliate program?
No, we don’t offer an affiliate program at this time.
Where can I find Privacy Policy?
Our Privacy Policy may be found here
Why do i need Hoxx?
In order to use benefits we have detailed in previous question, you will need Hoxx add-on on your computer or mobile-phone.
How does Hoxx protect me?
We protect you in several different ways. First of all, we filter viruses and malicious websites. Second, we encrypt your communications from end-to-end, which means everything you do is protected, even in areas with public Wi-Fi. This is a much higher level of protection than what your Internet provider can offer. Third, we prevent advertising networks from tracking you and your habits. These are only a few of the ways Hoxx protects you and your family.
How does Hoxx make a profit ?
We make money when we convert free clients to our Premium plan. Premium clients have greater rights and bandwidth than do free ones. Having a free account does not necessarily mean that you will surf more slowly than a Premium account holder, but under high traffic conditions, Premium accounts are typically faster. You can compare Free and Premium account features on the Pricing Page.
Can i use a free account for business?
Yes, you may use it for commercial purposes. Even an internet cafe may use the free version of Hoxx.
What information does the Hoxx add-on send to the backend?
All Hoxx sends is your login, password, certain add-on settings, and certain error messages in order to detect proxy failure.
May I use speed test?
Absolutely! However, please note that for technical reasons, you may detect different speeds from your local computer to our proxy servers. For example, almost every country has a good connection to the United States, but few have a fast connection to China. You will need to find the fastest server for your location, and the speed could change significantly during the day due to your ISP, your uplink, a router connection, or other factors. Additionally, performing speed tests is time consuming. Generally, you should try to use proxy countries that are close to your physical location.
Will Hoxx Improve my speed?
All VPN technologies slow your connection, no matter what they promise. Enabling a connection partner, such as a VPN, adds more routers between you and target website, and that impacts speed.
Can I use Hoxx with other VPN Providers?
Theoretically you can, but it isn’t necessary and would slow your connection.
Can I use Hoxx on a Virtual Machine?
Yes, you can. Hoxx add-ons can run on any supported platform.
How can I find out which server in the Hoxx network is the fastest?
Speed is relative and depends on your location, our VPN location, the routers in between, daily and weekly trends, and other factors. For users in many countries, American servers might be the fastest.
Does Hoxx add-on harm my computer if it is left unused?
No, it does not. When not in use, the Hoxx add-on is passive and does not interact with your system in any way.
My preferred server does not unblock my target site, what can I do?
Use another VPN location, as other countries might unblock your target site.
May I analyze or decompile your software?
You may analyze our code, but you are not allowed to modify it or reuse it. Please see our Terms and Conditions.
Why is Hoxx faster than most other VPN providers?
We keep things simple without compromising your security and privacy, using special VPN software designed for speed.
Do you have download/upload limit (quota)?
For our Free accounts, we have a daily quota. For Premium accounts, there is no limit.
Where can i use Hoxx?
Unlike our competitors, Hoxx may be used without restrictions from anywhere in the world.
Where are Hoxx servers located?
Locations change every day, but Hoxx has servers in each of the countries listed. We add new servers every week.
Can I connect from multiple browsers and computers at same time?
Yes, you can, but it is not recommended to share your credentials with other people. They might visit illegal sites and you could be held responsible for them.
Where can I find Hoxx`s Terms and Conditions?
Our Terms and Conditions / End User License Agreement can be found here
If Hoxx changes terms and conditions, will I be notified?
Yes, if you have a valid account you will be notified about changes via email.


What is a blacklisted website? Why is it blacklisted?
Hoxx blacklists certain websites in order to protect you as our valuable client. These websites are illegal in or are treated as illegal by many countries. The list of blacklisted websites changes often.
Does Hoxx save all proxy logs?
Yes, we save logs for a certain period of time to prevent abuse of our network. We have a strict illegal tracking policy.
Does Hoxx work with legal authorities?
Yes, we do. Please contact us at to open a support ticket regarding an issue. Be sure to include the date, time, time zone, target website, and logs. If you are investigator, please send your request on official letterhead and from your work email address.
Why is it faster to submit Hoxx abuse report than contacting our uplinks?
If you contact our uplinks, this initiate a procedure that can take some time. Please contact us directly. We promise to answer quickly, especially in the case of abuse.
Can I participate in illegal forums?
No, please do not. We don’t want an illegal activity client-base.
Do you allow the sending of emails through the VPN?
Please do not attempt to send emails through the VPN. We are blocking this action to prevent our IP address from being blocked.
What is considered illegal?
Illegal activities and threats are defined differently by every country. Hoxx follows the laws and customs of Western culture, particularly those of the United States and Germany.
What if I visit illegal websites or participate in illegal forums?
Since there are millions of illegal websites out there, we cannot know that you have visited an illegal website. We will only act if some legal authority contacts us and requests logs about your visits. Under normal circumstances, you don’t have to worry about it because visiting it by mistake is what millions of people do every day, just by following the wrong link. The main point is that you should not participate, interact or continue to visit that site or multiple sites. We don’t want you get into trouble.
Can I use Hoxx for illegal activities and be sure not to get caught?
No not at all, we want to protect our 99% clients from the 1% of illegal intentioned users. This is in the 99%s favor. We will strictly track abusers, spammers and people with illegal intentions.
How can I submit abuse report?
Send an email to , including sufficient evidence and logs as well as the correct date, time, time zone, and target websites. The more details provided, the better. Please follow up with us if you have not heard back from us within 36 hours.
How quickly is the Hoxx abuse team notified of an abuse issue?
Submitting an abuse opens a ticket in our support back end. Our team will review it as soon as possible, but in most situations we answer within 24 hours.


How can I receive the fastest support?
The fastest way is to create a support ticket. Simply sign into your valid Hoxx account and click on the “Submit Ticket” menu option. If you would like to send an attachment, please email us at . The typical response time is between 6 and 24 hours from the submission of the support request.
I found a bug, how can I submit to you?
Please create a support Ticket, see previous question for details. We will try to solve and respond to you as soon as possible. Please include as many details as possible. Thanks in advance!
How can I be sure that my support request was received and processed?
If you submit a support ticket or send an email, you should receive a confirmation email.
Which languages do you support?
We do have translation services for questions in all languages.
How long should i expect to wait to get the first response?
Typical response time is 6-24h from the submission of the support request. You will get an email about received support request.
Do you offer phone support?
At this time we do not, as we strive to keep our service affordable.

Chrome Browser

Why don’t I see the Hoxx icon?
The Hoxx add-on might be uninstalled or simply disabled. Type chrome://extensions/ into your browser’s address bar and attempt to locate the Hoxx add-on. If it is not appearing, simply reinstall it. If it appears in the list, enable the icon.
Why is the Hoxx icon gray?
A gray Hoxx icon means that you are not connected to the VPN network. The Hoxx add-on can stay in standby mode until you activate it. To activate the Hoxx VPN network, left-click on the gray icon, log in (if required), and select one of the VPN servers.


I cannot log in. What do I do?
Check to see if you have the latest version of the Hoxx add-on. If that does not resolve the problem, verify that your password is valid or change your password.
Do you share my information with third parties?
Only Hoxx is able to see your data and we do not share or sell your information. Please refer to our Terms and Privacy-Policy for more information.
How do you use my personal information?
We use personal information for service purposes only, to contact you, and to be able to address you by name. We also use your details for internal Hoxx promotions. You can unsubscribe from that list at any time.
How can I change my email address?
Once your account has been verified with a certain email address, you cannot change it.
May I share my account information with another person?
You may, but you should not. You don’t want to be blamed for other people’s actions. Your account holds your identity, and in the case of abuse or legal issues, you would be responsible. Furthermore, the use of Hoxx is free for all, so there is no reason to share your account with another person.
Can I share my account across different computers?
If they are your personal computers, you can do this. It is important that every person has his or her own hoxx account in order to prevent abuse.
May I close my account?
Yes, you can do this from inside the Hoxx application. Your account will subsequently be deleted.
My account is banned.What can I do?
We only ban accounts when we have strong evidence of abuse or illegal activity. We do not release banned accounts.
Why do you need to verify my email address?
In order to have a reliable way to contact you, we verify email addresses.
I didn’t receive an account verification email. What can I do?
To have a new email sent to you, use the Forgot Password function. That email will have your verification details. If the email still does not arrive, check your junk and spam folders for an email issuing from
Do I need to use my account regularly?
We periodically delete dormant Free accounts. If you have not used your account in the last 180 days, we may close your account due to inactivity. In this case, you could sign up again for new account. We do not delete Premium accounts due to inactivity.
Will closing my account wipe my logs?
Most of them yes, we keep for a certain period of time, just in case we receive an abuse report. After this period, we will wipe your logs.

Premium Account

How do I pay for my Premium account?
We offer different methods of payment. Most of our clients pay via PayPal, but we also offer AliPay, Bitcoin, and others. Purchases can be made directly from our application. Premium access will be granted as soon your payment has cleared.
Can I transfer my Premium account to another email address?
At this time, we do not support email address changes.
Do you have a refund policy?
Yes, we do. Please refer to our Pricing page for our most recent policies. Our money-back policy is described in our Terms and ConditionsTerms and Conditions.
How do I cancel my account?
As we do not have subscription-based accounts, your Premium account will be cancelled automatically at end of the payment period and you will be downgraded to a Free account.
Do you store my payment details, such as my credit card information?
No, we do not. Customer payments are handled by trusted, secure, third-party payment processors, such as PayPal, Stripe, and Paymentwall.
Can I share my Premium Account?
Please do not share your account information, as by doing so, you would not have control over other people’s online behavior.
Can I get a refund if the speed is slow?
No, as you can simply change servers to achieve a faster speed.


How do you ensure my privacy?
We block many illegal networks and botnets, and encrypt your connection from browser to target with end-to-end encryption techniques.
Does Hoxx use external software over which it doesn’t have control over?
No. All you need is our add-on in order to use Hoxx VPN services.

It’s your right to surf safely!